Student Clubs

The following university student clubs and programs provide students with the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial interests. Note: this is not an exhaustive list of all entrepreneurial clubs or programs.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club welcomes all majors and students. Members can expect brainstorming sessions, interactive workshops, site visits to startup companies and investment conferences to network with peers, and guest speakers. Our mission is to strengthen your knowledge, capabilities, and professional skills so you can develop your ideas, products, and businesses.

Welcome to the Makers Club at the University of Oregon. Our goal is to strengthen our coding skills while expanding our knowledge about hobbyist electronics design and creation, computer hardware, and prototyping.

UO Sales Club

UO Sales aims to provide opportunities for students to interact and network with local and national professionals; while also equipping them with necessary sales skills, invaluable knowledge, and important resources that are necessary in order to succeed in today’s professional world.

Founded in 1998, The Master’s Industrial Internship Program at the University of Oregon trains students in the real-world knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the industrial research laboratory – and at the interview table. We believe an advanced degree should help you land a job and prepare you for a successful career.

The Music Industry Collective is a cross-disciplinary group for students to connect with each other, professionals, and industry opportunities. The group will provide the skills, knowledge, and the experiential learning necessary for a career in the music industry.
Oregon Blockchain’s mission is simple: provide a student-driven platform to support blockchain education and innovation in Oregon. As a student-led organization, we aim to create tangible connections between students and leaders in this growing eco-system. Through these connections, we hope to generate opportunities for students to learn, grow, and contribute to the community.

The UO Chapter of the TAMID Group is a student-run organization dedicated to providing consulting, investing, and entrepreneurial experiences through hands-on educational programming with the Israeli economy. We are a non-profit organization that is not religiously or politically affiliated.

The UO Chapter of the University Innovation Fellows program empowers students to become leaders of change in higher education. Fellows are creating a global movement to ensure that all students gain the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge to compete in the economy of the future.

We are the Women in Computer Science organization at the University of Oregon! Our goals are to: 1) Contribute to the success of UO women in CS; 2). Build a stronger sense of inclusion and community around UO; 3) Increase participation of women in CS

The Women in Graduate Science (UOWGS) organization at the University of Oregon strives for gender equality by focusing on the professional development of women in all disciplines of science to enable them to become successful contributors to their fields. This mission is accomplished by informative workshops, inspirational speakers, and a community outreach program. 

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